Building a Successful Team: Dionne Van Zyl's Guide

Building a Successful Team: Dionne Van Zyl’s Guide

There’s much more behind team building than finding the right people with specific skill sets. Leaders have to plan and lay the proper groundwork for building a focused team that works towards getting things done.

So what makes a good team? Continue reading to learn more about what Dionne Van Zyl has to say about team building.

How to Build a Successful Team? By Dionne Van Zyl

Here are a few ways leaders can build functional teams.

1.     Plan Ahead

One of the foremost things that go behind team building is planning. You need to have a goal in mind and know what you want to achieve. When you form a team, the idea is to work toward accomplishing your goals.

2.     Put the Right People Together

Hiring people with the right skill sets is essential. But putting them in a team where they all can work together to create synergy is even more important. Their skills need to complement each other to achieve what they have set their head to. This is one of the most important parts of team building.

3.     Set Clear Expectations

Everyone on the team should know what is expected of them. This helps bring more clarity to things and also helps everyone understand their roles and duties. With great clarity, it becomes easier to have a road map and begin working.

4.     Set Boundaries

Everyone should know what the no-go areas are. Establishing boundaries is key to ensuring that conflicts within the team are minimized. Dionne Van Zyl says that minimizing conflicts helps employees focus on the right things and be determined to achieve their goals. Leaders also need to set evident expectations about how every team member is supposed to respect the other and that everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

5.     Set a Timeline

To ensure that work is done in a timely fashion, leaders must have a set timeline for different teams. In addition, they need to enforce the importance of being deadline-oriented and completing work on time.

6.     Motivate Employees

Dionne Van Zyl says that synergy in a team can only happen when employees work towards a shared goal with inherent motivation. They need to be internally driven to work towards what they want. This is one of the most crucial aspects of team building.

7.     Communicate Openly

A team can only be successful when everyone on board knows what they have to do. If they have any confusion, they should be free to ask. So open communication is one of the most critical aspects of team building.

8.     Reward Good Work

If a team outperforms, everyone should be rewarded for what they do. They should be made to understand that the leaders appreciate them for the hard work that they are putting in. Recognition and rewards are powerful motivators, driving people to do better and give their hundred percent to their work.

Final Thoughts by Dionne Van Zyl

With these valuable tips on team building by Dionne Van Zyl, leaders can put the right people together, which eventually leads organizations to success.