Top Leadership Mistakes

5 Top Leadership Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to inspiring leaders, there’s a lot of information out there guiding them on what they should do.

What continues to intimidate leaders are the faults they end up making due to a lack of knowledge, experience, or stress. If this sounds like you, study the following mistakes pointed out by Dionne Van Zyl and try to avoid them as much as possible during your day-to-day activities:

Dionne Van Zyl Points Out Leadership Mistakes to Avoid

1.     Being Inaccessible to People

 One of the most common leadership mistakes is being inaccessible to people. Leaders should be approachable and available to their subordinates. If you’re not accessible, people will feel that you’re not interested in their problems and that you don’t care about them. This will make them feel unimportant and may even lead to them feeling resentment towards you.

2.     Not Listening to People

 Another mistake that leaders make is not listening to people. It’s important to listen to what your subordinates have to say and to take their suggestions and feedback seriously. If you don’t listen to people, they’ll feel that you don’t value their opinions and that you’re not interested in their input. This can lead to them feeling unvalued and may even make them less likely to cooperate with you.

3.     Failing to Delegate

 Leaders who try to do everything themselves are setting themselves up for failure. It’s important to delegate tasks and responsibilities to others so that you can focus on more important matters. If you don’t delegate, you’ll likely find yourself overwhelmed and bogged down with work, which will make it difficult for you to get anything done.

4.     Not Focusing on Talent Development

In the drive to hit targets, many leaders go on to ignore the human need to learn. Today’s employees understand how critical it is to expand their competencies and skills while performing their work to advance in their careers. As a leader, you thus need to recognize learning is vital when it comes to achieving results.

By prioritizing learning, you’re able to nurture talent in employees who might still be oblivious of their full potential. Therefore, consider yourself as a talent hunter when leading people.

5.     Poor Conflict Management

When not addressed effectively, conflicts tend to block alignment and cooperation around shared goals. They give rise to polarization, tension, and negative emotions. Even when everyone acts like conflicts aren’t there anymore, they do exist under the table. As an effective leader, it’s your responsibility to bring them up and solve them before they permeate the entire atmosphere. This way, you’ll be able to cultivate a work environment that fosters nourishing enjoyment and build robust, collaborative teams.


If you’re a leader or aspire to be one, you shouldn’t just be aware of things you need to do, but also take the time to understand what needs to be avoided. As long as you avoid the aforementioned leadership mistakes pointed out by Dionne Van Zyl, nothing can stop you from becoming a successful leader in your organization.